Owning an aircraft is an investment in your business and your self – get the most out of it in terms of efficient, safe and cost effective operations. If you already own an aircraft or would like to own one, do give us a call and we can share with you how we can help take away the headaches associated with aircraft ownership.

Owning & Certifying the aircraft

Daya Aviation will assist you in identifying and ordering the aircraft as well as help with negotiating the price and options Daya Aviation and its aviation experts will help structure the purchase Daya Aviation will assist you in taking delivery and with the initial and subsequent Certificates of Airworthiness and Registration with CAASL and other regulatory authorities

Managing & Operating the aircraft

Daya Aviation Account Manager will serve as your one stop contact Daya Aviation will manage and crew the aircraft year round Pilots, engineers and flight operation team members are all recruited, selected, qualified and trained to Daya Aviations high standards Quality Control, Assurance and Safety teams are in place to manage processes and maintain compliance for your safety Daya Aviation meets DGCA Standards & Certification requirements Daya Aviation maintains the aircraft as per Manufacturer and DGCA specifications Maintenance Services

A trained, experienced maintenance engineer will be assigned to your aircraft Maintenance processes are in compliance with international standards Planning, scheduling, supervision, documentation and review of all maintenance, both scheduled and unscheduled Daya Aviation will source spares and provide repairs as necessary Daya Aviation flight operations team will take care of complete Trip Planning and Flight Dispatching

They will coordinate with getting all the requisite flying permits, clearances at airports for landing, take-off and parking Daya Aviation coordinates payments to airports and verifies all trip related costs Daya Aviation arranges catering and other trip requirements including ground crew